Dressage To Music With Gaynor Colbourn

Dressage To Music With Gaynor Colbourn

Dressage To Music

Gaynor Colbourn offers dressage to music competitors a unique edge with her clinics and demonstrations.  With a background ranging from classical training to rock chick! coupled with having ridden at Grand Prix level, she has a unique

insight into what works for both horse and rider.

If you think dressage to music is just putting a CD on then think again – 40 minutes with Gaynor and you will be captured by this fascinating equestrian discipline.

Dressage to was initiated back in the 1980 with one of the very first dressage to music demonstrations being performed by Gaynor Colbourne and Jennie Loriston – Clarke. Since then this fascinating equestrian discipline has grown to now be a world wide recognised equestrian sport.

And if you think you are not the perfect pair for Dressage To Music then think again, as you can see anyone can do it!

All shapes and sizes enjoy dressage to music, here is a lovely example with Adele Hanson riding  Jane Kirk’s Gailoch Challenger at the North Wales Shire Horse Society open day.


How To Get Started with Dressage To Music

A first step might well be to buy a schooling to music CD which gives you 43 minutes of walk, trot and canter music at an average speed aswell as transition music.  These can be bought from Gaynor for just £12.00.

You might also like to come along and watch one of the performances which are held across the UK.  Simply buy tickets for the evening demonstrations and come along to be inspired.

Then once you are bitten by the bug!  come along to a clinic.   A current tour of clinics and demonstrations is taking place across the UK and is ideal for budding dressage to music riders to come along to watch and train with Gaynor and a guest international dressage instructor. The dressage to music clinics are aimed at any level of dressage rider looking to develop their dressage to music tests.

The clinics involve the development of a unique floor plan and music, tackle areas such as

  • Pace evaluation
  • Analysis of the horse and riders tempo
  • Video is recorded for Gaynor to compose the music to which you then receive back with the music over dubbed onto the video
  • Analysis of the strengths and weakness in order to develop the best possible floor plan
  • Full competition dressage to music CD

The beauty of Gaynor’s service is that the music can be completely taylored to the riders requirements, for example if some one would prefer violins instead of  flute instruments I am able to change the music.  The floor plans are  specific to each combination  We work to the horse and riders strenghts,  I like to make everyone CD’s more then just music, like a mini symphony with changes in moods and tempos.   I reflect the mood of the music to the movements to give as spectacular a performance as possible.

It’s been a delight over the years to have worked with so many fabulous horses and riders from all levels. The biggest reward for me is when I know they have won their event and fullfilled their dreams.  I love the performances it’s wonderful to watch the audiences reactions to the horses and riders as they ride to the music.

I am thoroughly enjoying working with  Nicola Howell a rising Welsh star as well as Chloe Vell, Charlie Ward, Lucy Fallen, Bobbie Hayler, Matthew Burnett and am looking forward to working with Harry Payne in December at Kings Equestrian Centre.

The clinics involve both Gaynor and one of her guest riding instructors working with you and last for approximately 40 minutes.  Here is an example of Charlotte Ward riding Parcival S.   Charlotte is a professional dressage trainer and rider who competes at international level.  The video is a great example of how wonderful the movements of the horse are matched to Gaynor’s music.

Dressage to music at The Unicorn TrustDressage To Music Clinics

Gaynor Colbourn Clinics and Demonstrations
Dressage to music with Gaynor Colbourn

You find out more about Gaynor Colbourn’s Dressage To Music at her website



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